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The Botik Glycolic Acid Descaling Solution is the perfect answer for a daily post-cleansing routine , it is quickly absorbed, reduces the production of oiliness , enhances cell renewal , leaving the skin soft and illuminated .

Benefits of Botik's easy descaling solution that cleans deeply, renews and illuminates:

  • Reduce the production of oiliness
  • Reduces the appearance of two dilated pores
  • Melhora with skin texture
  • Promotes cell renewal
  • Restores the brightness of the skin

Its formula, which combines Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid , was developed at a pH that maximizes the effectiveness of two acids to reduce excessive shine , restore radiance and improve skin texture. All the products of the Botik line use Swiss technology and high performance assets to potentiate effective and visible results on your skin.

The descaling solution is suitable for all types of skin , especially oily skin with acne tendency.

The Glycolic Acid present in this line of Botik is an active agent that causes a slight chemical exfoliation , or sequestration, removes dead cells from the surface and accelerates cell renewal in the epidermis , reducing expression lines , uniformizing the texture of the skin and recovering its natural luminosity .

Glycolic Acid Botik, skin renewed and illuminated with effective and visible results.
Enter the GLOW mode with Glycolic Botik!

How to use:
1- Use the solution to deeply remove the impurities from the skin twice a day;
2- Apply with a piece of cotton on your face and fish and make soft movements until you feel that the skin is clean.

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