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Aegean Edt Bomb Purple

Aegean Edt Bomb Purple

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Aegean Bomb Purple proves that the most incredible can happen! A different way of taking advantage of the possibilities, without rules and labels, as if it didn't have a manhã.

Egeo Bomb Purple is a feminine perfume that wants to cause, and trouxe or Salted Caramel Accord, an explosion of cheiro identical to that of caramel, with dashes of salt and baunilha. Nothing obvious and absolutely delicious.

Olfactory Family:
Floriental Gourmand

Olfactory Pyramid:
Said: Tangerine, Ameixa Preta, Pêra and Limão.
Body: Laranjeira Flower, Coffee Flower, Jasmine, Black Orchid, Salted Caramel Accord.
Fund: Baunilha, Musk, Patchouli, Cedro, Ãmbar.

*The olfactory pyramid is merely illustrative and intended to discover the olfactory notes using references, memories and sensations that the fragrance provides.

Apply Egeo Bomb Purple perfume on or body as desired. To increase the duration of the fragrance, apply behind the ear, do not fish, or do not pulse.

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