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Aegean Edt Dolce

Aegean Edt Dolce

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Egeo Dolce Eau de Toilette delivers doçura and a jovial, colorful and cheia of personality packaging! It is called "best of both worlds"!

So irresistible how many twelve! With a combination of sweet cheiros , it is the perfect fragrance for women who want to seduce with a touch of fun.

Did anyone ask for sugary notes? Because they are there: Marshmallow, Sorvete de Framboesa, Algodão-Doce and da Baunilha so you can have fun and try all the possibilities as if there were no tomorrow.

Olfactory Family:
Oriental gourmand

Saída: Sorvete de Framboesa accord, Nectarine.
Body: Acorde de Algodão Doce, Anis, Violeta, Madressilva.
Fund: mbar, Baunilha, Fava Tonka, Sandalo, Musk.

*The olfactory pyramid is merely illustrative and intended to discover the olfactory notes using references, memories and sensations that the fragrance provides.

If you enjoy twelve feminine fragrances , bet that it is one of two great successes of the perfumery of the Boticário . And why not intensify the aroma with the help of Merengue Mousse Egeo Dolce, 250g from Boticário?

Your fun asks for an Aegean!

How to Use: Apply on or body as desired. To increase the duration of the fragrance, apply behind the ear, do not fish, or do not pulse.

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