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To have that perfect make-up, you need to follow the step by step and it doesn't hurt the corrective, doesn't it? This is the essential product that gives a special touch to skin and makeup, whether it is basic or elaborate. After the clean skin, protected and with base, it's time to bet on the Intense Liquid Concealer.

Its formula is composed of Vitamin E, a recognized ingredient for its antioxidant action and for restoring the healthy aspect of the skin. The liquid concealer has a light texture with a velvety touch that is super easy to apply and quickly absorbed. It disguises the imperfections of the skin without regret, diminishes the appearance of oils and evens out the tone for an incredible and natural result, ideal for a routine!

Ah, you can still use the corrective num tom more clear than a peel to illuminate the areas of the face that you want to highlight. Um devastation!

Also disso all, the corrective for the face cannot be missing, it is not necessary for those who love a makeup that resists throughout the day, allowing them to stay with a perfect skin for a longer time.

Peel with uniformed tom and disguise the imperfections.

How to Use: Apply the corrective after the base to the areas of the face that you want to illuminate and standardize or take off. Apply with your fingers, brush or sponge and blend well so as not to leave marks on the skin.

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