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Malbec Vert Edt

Malbec Vert Edt

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To unwrap Malbec Vert Deodorant Colônia , or Boticário combines the wine alcohol, characteristic of the DNA marker of Malbec, and the frozen grapes of Ice Wine, drawing for the first time a remarkable fragrance, like any Malbec, yet with a freshness never seen in our perfumery masculine.

This characteristic marks a great difference for the brand, in addition to the distinctive essence of the fragrance, delimited by Ice Wine – wine produced with frozen grapes, coming from two more meticulous and complex processes in the world of perfume development.

Malbec Vert is a unique masculine fragrance , developed through a world-exclusive manufacturing process, with vinous alcohol aged in French carvalho barris, which fogges the obvious and manages to be striking and refreshing at the same time.

Nothing more enjoyable than enjoying a fragrance that traces novelty and all that elegance of the world two wines for perfumery.

Malbec is the leading brand of sales in Fragrâncias in Brazil*.

*Euromonitor International Limited; Passport Beleza e Cuidados Pessoais, 2020 edition, Malbec by local brand name; Vendas Totalis no Varejo; 2019 dice.

Nenhum product of Grupo Boticário is tested on animals.

Olfactory family : Woody Fresh Aromatic.

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